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The Funky, Not So Fresh Whale

He was quite the attraction.

The Rockport Fin Whale

Recently a fin whale washed up on shore in Rockport. The whale had originally washed up in Boston, but they pushed it back out to sea while it was still fresh and hoped for the best. Cut to a month later: Stinky lands on Cape Ann.
What makes this funky fresh is the opportunity it presents for a little education. So we packed the kids into the car and went to see the whale.
Atticus Meets Whale
We learned a lot, but mostly how stinky really dead whales can be. Still, this was a real once in a lifetime opportunity, one that makes me love Cape Ann even more for all its funkiness. Speaking of, this also happened:


The whale is now gone. After Sandy toyed with it, sending to an adjacent beach, brave–very brave–volunteers came and dismantled the whale, taking its skeleton to its new home in a museum. Goodbye, whale. We’ll never forget you!