Slow Down, You’re on Island Time

Every year around this time Cape Ann’s population explodes. One of the tell-tale signs of this is the sudden influx of rude drivers. So this post is to serve one purpose: To remind you that when you are on Cape Ann, you’re on island time.

Salt Island Land Bridge

Salt Island Land Bridge

Slow down. Driving 35 down a road posted 20 is not going to get you anything other than dirty looks. In fact, I hope anyone reading this will help remind folks visiting from out of town that island time means being polite behind the wheel (notice we only have two traffic lights–this only works when people are working together), watching out for bicyclists (many of whom are children), and not rushing through your meal and being rude to the waiter because you’re in a hurry. Live in the moment while you’re here. Cape Ann is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Be here now.

Beacon Marine Basin

Beacon Marine Basin

Good Harbor

Good Harbor

So if someone stops their car in the middle of East Main to have a brief conversation with a friend or neighbor, don’t honk your horn. That’s local color. That’s part of what makes Gloucester and Cape Ann special. That’s simply how island time rolls. And we like it that way.



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