Always Fresh

We are constantly amazed by the ever changing face of Cape Ann. It seems like a place you walk by every day can appear as a revelation–like you are arriving at a new place, seeing it for the first time. Two favorites are Good Harbor Beach and Niles Beach. Here are a few recent glimpses at the magic show happening every day right here in the neighborhood.

Good Harbor Fog


Good Harbor Gloom

We have some gorgeous cloud formations, something that I would guess is a result of the coastal air and water currents.

Niles is also ever changing. Look through our archives. I always take my camera to Niles. You should, too.

The sunsets rarely fail to please at Niles Beach.

Exploring Niles

And finally, this shot from Michelle. The only effect is the digital zoom on our g-11. But it’s actually what the light across the water does sometimes. It’s Boston from Niles.

It really does look like this sometimes.

Cape Ann, especially Gloucester, is always fresh.


All photographs copyright 2012 Funky Fresh Gloucester


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