The Anderson Family Homestead

It seems a lot of people on Cape Ann are keeping chickens these days. I know we are. Meet our new chickens!

Atticus and the youngsters

Meadow Approved

It really is amazing how much you can homestead on a small piece of land. I guess this is the direction we’ve found ourselves heading in anyway. Now that we have bees, chickens, and a second garden bed this year, it only makes us want to grow more.

Can you see the little dinosaur in these ladies?

At first I had concerns about our new chickens and the neighbors. But everyone’s been extremely supportive–in fact they’d like us to let them roam even more so they can watch for a while. There seems to be something therapeutic about watching these birds.

Of course we have to keep an eye on predators. Coyotes and foxes are common to the neighborhood, as are large owls and red-tailed hawks. East Gloucester also supports a few fisher cats. It’s a good thing the bunny supply is so abundant. I think most predators have easier prey to go after. Our coop, tucked back in the knotweed jungle beside our house, would be a pretty tough nut to crack.

Merlin keeps an eye on the ladies.

Still no eggs, but they should be producing in another month or so. And we love us some eggs around our house, so it’ll be a real treat.

Mid-June Garden

We’ve been eating peas, broccoli, alpine strawberries, potatoes, kale, lettuce, chives,, basil, and chard from our garden. Ground cherries and tomatoes are starting to happen this week. This supplements a farm share out at Green Meadows, as well as the bounty we inevitably come home with every week from the farmer’s market. Seeing the dry conditions out west only makes you more appreciative of how lucky we are to live in this amazing place. Bon appetite!


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