It’s Been a While

I know, I know. You start a blog, then life gets busy, and boom. Nothing. But guess what? I’ve been laid off! Chester College of New England, where I taught creative writing for the past six years, has closed.

Closed? A college? Really? What the hell?

Yep. It happens. So here I am, piecing a new life together, trying to wrap my brain around how I can make a go of it right here in Gloucester. No more hour and a half commute. No more being stuck behind tourists on 133 as they stare at their GPS trying to figure out where they’re going.

Gloucester, baby.

I have ideas (like this project I’m working on: ). But ideas take some time to grow to fruition. For now, let’s talk about our hometown and how amazing it really is. Especially on days like this, where the temperature is soaring inland, while it’s pretty darn nice here by the ocean.

This boy just turned six!

One thing that happened here recently that was very cool is that we were able to capture our own honey bees. Capture? Yes, about a month ago, just before Father’s Day, a swarm arrived out back behind a friend’s house. A big one. And they stuck around on a low branch, trying to figure out their next move. But it seems they were having a hard time finding a home. So after a few days we (along with help from our friends) decided to spring into action.


Swarming honey bees don’t want to swarm. They’re just looking for a nice, safe place to live. In fact, they’re incredibly docile while swarming. So what we did was grab a Rubbermaid tub, placed it beneath them, and then knocked/shook the branch until the bees simply fell into the tub. Here is Michelle, along with Geoff Deckebach and Ken Duckworth, nabbing some bees.



After, we let them settle in overnight (a screen was placed on top, but slightly ajar so stragglers could join their family), and then hauled them over to our place for their new digs.


This swarm was HUGE, so we were able to add a second super within a week. A month later they seem happy and safe. Gotta love some local honey, babies!

So there you go, the story of our new bees.

I’m going to try my best to keep this thing up to date. I have time on my hands (well, aside from raising two beautiful kids and putting the finishing touches on this memoir I’ve been working on). Let’s see what happens next!



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