Certified Funky Fresh: Ravenswood Park

The fall foliage this year is electric. Have you noticed? My long commute to NH a few times a week is much less a chore. I might even say this has been my favorite autumn yet. Certainly one of the best places to take all of this in is Ravenswood Park off 127, where rich populations of hemlock and magnolia (and much more more) yield a wide palette of color, especially this time of year.

On the Ridge Road Trail

Ravenswood Park is run by the Trustees of Reservations, a conservation group that helps care for greenspaces all over Massachusetts. They do lot’s of great work, and certainly could use your help to make sure we keep these places wild for future generations. Because really, this is one of the real gems of Gloucester–600 acres of history and nature, just a few minutes away. A place where you can turn your cell phone off and escape the frantic energy of this modern world. Especially good for the soul after, say, this ridiculous election season.

Hard Rock

There are ten miles of trails and former carriage roads in the park, making for a great day of exploring for the family. Most of it is pretty easy to navigate. Perfect for the kids. Sometimes you find really interesting things along the way.

Found Art

There are also great places to stop and take a breath.

A Place for Reflection: Overlooking Eastern Point and the Dogbar

Ravenwood also hosts the occasional event, usually highlighting the long history of the park, both natural and as it pertains to mankind. They even show off their snakes from time to time, which is really cool. Check out the new visitor center at the entrance to the park.

Atticus Approved

Autumn Girls


If you’d like to find out more about Ravenswood Park and other Trustees properties, check out: http://www.thetrustees.org/



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