Certified Funky Fresh: Lobster at $3.99 a Pound!

Okay, so we don’t eat lobster nearly enough. It comes in fits and starts, mostly because we don’t own a good lobster pot to cook ’em up in. Maybe Christmas this year. But I gotta tell you, everytime I drive by Captain Joe and Sons and see the sign out by East Main, well, I kick myself for not eating more lobster. Right now it’s $3.99 a pound, or the same price as bologna at Stop and Shop. What a choice!

Atticus gets his hands on a lobster at Captain Joe and Sons.

With Joey Ciaramitaro, blogger extraordinaire.*

We get these guys home, but Meadow wasn’t amused. Who let these big bugs into our house?

Meadow meets her first lobster. She wasn't sure what to think.

We borrowed a good pot from a friend. In the end, these guys were delicious! Really, why haven’t you dropped by the docks and picked up some lobstah? Kick yourself no more!

Along with corn from Green Meadows Farm, this is a fresh, local feast!

* I’m sure you already know Good Morning Gloucester. If not, get out from under that rock and click the link to the right.


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