Certified Funky Fresh: The Sawyer Free Library

We love the library. How could you not? Free books and tapes? Check. Cheap movie rentals? Check. Fantastic events for kids? Check. It all adds up to one big bowl of awesome, by our accounting. Look at this picture–what parent wouldn’t think this was a pretty fantastic scene?

I make use of the inter-library loan service available to Gloucester residents. What does this mean? It means if they don’t have something in house, chances are they can get it for you anyway. They work with pretty much every library in eastern Massachusetts, making for a large pool of books, tapes, CDs, and DVD’s to choose from.

We really like the special events that happen at the library, especially in the winter when getting outside can be a bit dicey. Take this one-of-a-kind puppet show Michelle and the kids went to recently. Michelle has more:

Funky Fresh is the only way to describe Rosalita’s Puppets!  Charlotte Anne Dore recently performed a puppet show at the Sawyer Free Library to a packed house. Her wonderful puppets appear to be homemade. The heroine of the story was a puppet named Rosalita, dressed identical to the puppeteer. I can not imagine the amount of energy that it would take to do a performance like hers. The feel is so homemade ( I wonder how many hours she spent practicing this), but also so professional. Rosalita’s Puppets amaze me. Bravo, Charlotte! Bravo, Sawyer Free Library!




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