Certified Funky Fresh: Storytelling at Stage Fort Park

Summer to me means days upon days spent with my kids at the beach. But it also means Lucille LePage and Alicia Quintano will be telling stories at Stage Fort Park–one of my favorite Gloucester traditions.

All through July, ending August 3rd, these two lovely ladies tell stories to our children in the park. (Tuesdays at 10:00 AM). Storytelling seems to be a dying art in our wider culture, but one that is valuable for our children–and ourselves. I really appreciate these women as they deliver valuable stories in an entertaining fashion. ¬†Lucille and Alicia always and close with a the same song, “Side by Side.” It instantly makes us feel at home. Lucille tells one wonderful story incorporating Gloucester history and using different voices and gestures. LeAnn plays a small guitar to accompany the local yarn she spins. Their time here is short, just a handful of weeks every summer. My children and I cherish every glorious week. If you haven’t been, you should share this with the young person in your life, too. It’s free, easy, and fun.

Here’s a few more pics from a typical Tuesday (How nice I can type that!).



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