Welcome to Funky Fresh Gloucester

Hi. We’re new here. Well, we’ve been here for four years, but we also know how such a short period of time is viewed by folks who’ve lived in Gloucester all their life. That’s just one of the many things about Gloucester we find to be what my wife terms “funky fresh.”

I’m Christopher Anderson,  a writer and teacher who should probably live a lot closer to where he works–Chester College of New England, just east of Derry, NH. That’s a one hour and twenty minute commute, each way. Thank God for our fuel efficient Honda, and for the fact I only have to drive in three days a week. No, I’ve chosen to stay in Cape Ann because it’s perhaps the most beautiful place I’ve ever come to know. My heart belongs here, so my ass sits in a less than comfortable car seat for nine hours a week, nine months a year.

My wife, Michelle Barton, you may know from Duckworth’s Bistrot where she works waiting tables. You may also know her from around town–the library, the Y, the beaches–she’s incredibly friendly and is often out and about with our kids, Atticus and Meadow.

So anyway, the goal here is to simply shine another light, with perhaps a newcomer’s eye for a slightly different perspective on this amazing place we live in and have come to care so much about. We welcome comments and hope you’ll choose to follow our adventures as we explore all things funky fresh about Gloucester and places nearby.


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